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    Q: Can I be a cameo
    A: Yes. Full out a cameo sheet. You can find it on the page titled: Ember wants YOU to cameo!

    Q: What software do you use?
    A: FireAlpaca.

    Q:How old are you?
    A: 12 :3 in 7th

    Q: Why are you so young?
    A: deal with it.

    Q: What is Dawn and Blizzard's ship name?
    A: Blizzdawn

    Q: what (introduced) characters do you ship?
    A: BlizzardxDawn, SparkyxEmber, SparkyxFirestorm, SkylarxDawn.

    Q: Where do you live?
    A: No.

    Lol, jk. I live in Long Beach, Mississippi. I might move to Wildwood, Missouri, though.

    Q: this looks like that Eeveelution insanity video!
    A: Stop. This comic is 100% original, only being based off of songs.

    Q: is Firestorm male or Female?
    A: Female.

    Q: who is Firestar?
    A: Firestar is a fictional character from the book series, Warriors. I also have a cat named Firestar.

    Q: Is Blizzard male or female?
    A: Neither.

    Q:This comic looks like TEA and LoS
    A: stop.

    Q: Why didn't you reply to my comment?
    A: I either didn't see it or I didn't feel the need to reply.

    If you have a question, leave a comment!

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