• Dawn:

    The Voice by: Celtic Woman

    Basically there cause Dusk is basically the 'Voice' in Dawn's head.

    ECHO cover by Juby Phonic

    Basically Dawn falling into the world of her insanity.

    iNSaNiTY by SF-A2 Miki ft. Kaito

    Ahh, yes. Insanity was the song Mirrored Image was based on. The lyrics of the song explain itself.

    Mirrors by PVRIS

    Dawn and Dusk talk to eachother on how they feel about eachother, and you can probably guess who says what.


    Titanium by Madilyn Bailey

    Based off of a trauma(s) in Firestorm's past.

    St. Patrick by PVRIS

    Based on how Sparky saved her from near death after her trauma. And towards the end of the song: "I know your gone, now"... Well. We'll get to that ^^;


    This Little Girl by Cady Groves

    Referring to a certain group of Pokémon that bullied Skylar when she was a child. This got so bad, that Skylar found Dusk, then killed them. Or at least some of them...

    Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

    This song could go in two different directions. This could be Skylar talking about *Insert main bully's spoiler name here* because *insert major spoiler here* or this could be about Dawn on Skylar talking about her being a serial killer.


    Emperor's New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco

    The story is about to explain this. This story is based off of the legend of Dusk.

    Milk and Cookies by Melanie Martinez

    All the same, based on the legend of Dusk.


    Miss Jackson by Panic! At the Disco

    Skylar, being so murderous, and her lover, Nudge, who is innocent. Welp. I'll try to find more.

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